Annual Meeting of the German Society for Plant Nutrition (DGP)

Objectives September 3-5, 2000 Giessen, Germany

This years annual meeting of the German Society for Plant Nutrition will focus on Plant Nutrient Transport through Biological Membranes. Invited keynote speakers will summarize recent findings about membrane nutrient transport. In addition, oral (20–30 minutes) and poster presentations may be offered concerning this subject. Posters dealing with other subjects of plant nutrition are also welcome. Poster authors will have the opportunity to present their posters in the plenum (2 min presentation). Poster sessions will be scheduled for the Monday afternoon. If you intend to make a contribution, please enclose an abstract (one page) in your registration letter.

Registration for participation: July 31, 2000
Registration for presentations: May 31, 2000

Fax: +49–641–99–39–169